Fight Cannabis Plant Pests the Natural Way

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Cannabis plant pests are annoying. Just like any crop, cannabis can often find itself at the mercy of ravenous bugs, creeping for the next field feast. Suffice to say, unwelcome pesky critters can put a damper on the joy you get from your cannabis harvest. Which is why a robust cannabis plant pest control is recommended for your gardening efforts.

Whether you’re growing outdoors or indoors, identifying the enemy is the first step to protect your cannabis plant.

Prevention, actually, is the easiest way to safeguard your crops from infection and infestation. A significant part of keeping cannabis plant pests away has to do with the setup and upkeep long before the crop has reached the flowering stage.

From caterpillars to mites, this article outlines top predators that like to feast on cannabis, their tell-tale signs and how to best remove them.

Read about the 8 Most Common Cannabis Plant Pests: Cannabis Plant Pest Control Tips at

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